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Creative English on Zoom

To help with the challenges of the coronavirus, Creative English sessions have been adapted for Zoom.

Sessions can run between 40 and 60 mins, as you prefer. They cover topics like attending a doctor’s appointment online, online shopping, going to the dentist, and improving well-being.

They give an opportunity to talk about how things may have changed due to the virus, but also to have fun together.

You will play games, follow the story of Sally and her family and roleplay to practise language for the different scenarios.

For each session, you are provided with a session plan and Powerpoint presentation which includes visual aids and video clips to make the content easy for learners to follow.

As with all Creative English sessions, we offer training on how to run this version of the programme.

What learners have said

“I’ve enjoyed learning on Zoom.  It’s nice to talk to someone – another adult, you know?  It gets lonely.  I like that I don’t need to worry about who’s looking after the children.  Here we are all at home – sometimes they play, sometimes they join in class, but it’s all good – no problem”

“I learn useful things –  like today I learn “unload machine”, “washing line” and how to talk to teacher when my child forgets cardigan at school. This help because she forget a lot!”

“With coronavirus, I lost my confidence as I haven’t spoken any English for 4 months.  This class is good for me.  I’m safe but I’m practising English and making new friends too.  It’s been good to make new friends on the computer.  I am looking forward to seeing them face to face.  I can feel my confidence coming back – and the English too!”

What facilitators have said

“I was surprised how the video clip made it easier to do the story online.  The learners were much more motivated to speak in role as Sally, sorting out the problem with the landlord when they’d seen it.”

“I’m really grateful for the lesson plans, I’ve got lots of other things going on so it’s so helpful to have the lesson plan there. And they’ve been really good and the little slides that go with it too. Everyone can get involved.”

“The most important thing is people just want to connect with each other.  They’re more isolated than they’ve ever been; they’re just in their homes and most of them without any garden so most people aren’t going out at all – maybe one person shopping once a week, so they’re grateful for this opportunity to connect. I was speaking to my Line Manager yesterday and we were talking about how people (learners) are. I said its mostly about the connection and then about the English and he said, isn’t that what it’s about anyway? I said yes, it is actually! So not much changed!”

Want to know more?

Creative English for Zoom is available as part of your existing licence package, or can be purchased as a stand-alone package including training, session plans and presentations. Contact us for more information.

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