Laugh your way to confident English

Oasis Drop-In Centre

The Oasis Drop-in Centre serves as a place of both community and learning, helping people find the local services they need and supporting them to gain better confidence and language skills.

The team at the Oasis Centre told us about a mother-daughter pair that joined their Creative English class together.

“Amina” and her daughter “Mariam” arrived in the UK about 3 months ago straight from Afghanistan. They joined our Creative English class on the fourth session as we began lessons on health. Both were obviously keen to learn and seemed to enjoy the next session, again on health.

After a break for half-term, “Mariam” told us how her mother had spent a week in hospital following a heart attack. She had communicated with the medical and nursing staff using the English she had learned in those two classes. She was very proud of herself and it was noticeable how she had gained confidence in speaking English.