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There are many ways that the Creative English could be run in an area. Below, we’ve outlined the two most popular approaches. We are happy to consider alternative methods, or even to develop a bespoke solution to fit your specific needs. Please leave your details below, and one of our team will contact you to discuss the next steps!

Licence approach

We have a number of different licensing schemes available, including ones suitable for non-profit and for-profit organisations, as well as publicly-funded bodies, individuals, and groups working outside of the UK.

Each licence comes with training to get your volunteers ready to deliver Creative English, plus a full resource kit: a wheeled case full of props to use in classes, training manuals covering a full 38-week course of Creative English, and a collection of further support documents covering topics such as advertising and publicity. You’ll also be able to receive advice and support from the FaithAction team over the phone.

By purchasing a licence, you’ll be entitled to run an unlimited number of Creative English classes for a 12-month period.

Managed approach

For larger organisations, charities or other bodies that wish to bring Creative English to their area, we can help to run the course through a locally-sourced Hub.

Based on our experiences from running the programme with the Department of Communities and Local Government, FaithAction would identify a suitable group or organisation from the local faith and community sector to serve as the Hub. The Hub would then receive a Creative English license, provide the volunteer facilitators, and be responsible for running the class itself.

The Hub would also receive a small grant and mentoring to help them link up with other services in the area and provide signposting. FaithAction will support the Hub so that it can become a point of connection for the learners and enable them to become a part of the wider community.

Other products


Family Learning


In Churches

Creative English and Health

BME groups are generally subject to poorer health outcomes than the overall population – particularly with regard to long term conditions and other specific issues. We have developed a programme which teaches functional English to those most marginalised in the community alongside delivering messages on how to prevent illness and deal with long term conditions.

The general Creative English course addresses health contexts including: parts of the body; defining types of pain; asking and answering a doctor’s questions; calling 999; making an appointment; how to find different services, such as pharmacies and GPs.

We have developed a specialist course to raise awareness and understanding of symptoms, prevention and treatment for diabetes and heart disease, with a particular focus on healthy eating.

What are the needs in your community? Get in touch to discuss further!

Family Learning

Childcare is a significant barrier to many women access English language provision. By combining English skills with play in a non-threatening environment this can quickly build trust and community between parents, children and the facilitators.

Creative English and Literacy

While the regular Creative English course focuses on spoken English, we’re fully aware that literacy is also a barrier to people joining in, particularly if they are illiterate in their own language too.

Our literacy course sits alongside the Creative English course, tying together the same scenarios and is written to be delivered by volunteers in smaller group or one-to-one settings.

Within the package there is:

  • 1-2-1 sessions that support students on the Creative English Programme who have reading and/or writing issues
  • Assessment suggestions to help you know where to start
  • Ideas about how to teach reading and writing
  • 12 Mini Readers uniquely developed to be used in conjunction with the Term 1 sessions and are based around the same story-lines in each session.
  • Relevant games and materials
  • Huge range of references to websites, books and organisations to save you the trouble of looking!

Creative English in Churches

Creative English has partnered with the Cinnamon Network to offer a programme that is tailored for you to use in your church. Creative English helps you to reach out to your wider community in the recognition that integration is about more than just the language you speak. Help build friendship, belonging and community while using drama and laughter to give people the language they need to carry out important everyday tasks.

Future developments

  • Creative English for Healthcare Staff
    • Currently being developed for a hospital trust based in east London.
  • Creative English and Peaced Together
    • A programme that uses arts and craft to support vulnerable women.


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